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Frequently Asked Questions

We understand you may have many questions about our project. We're here to provide all the answers you need. The most important questions will be highlighted on this page.

Because software produced and delivered in this way will be a very good solution if you need SSR and want to deliver the data presentation layer more efficiently while achieving great UX.

Yes, it will be released under the MIT License.

The first release is planned for August 2024. It is worth joining the waiting list or using one of our communication channels to stay up to date with our plans.

Yes, the website you are viewing right now is entirely prepared using components written with Templ, Alpine, Tailwind. You can see the use of HTMX in the mobile version of the website, where content is loaded without reloading the entire page, as in SPA applications.

You can use one of our communication channels on the "Contact us" page. We will be very pleased if you join our community - it motivates us to develop this project.

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